So this is what it looks like the other side of midnight.

I am usually at work now, slaving away on the evil tills, trying to earn myself enough money to move somewhere I want to be, but because it's the festive season I am granted a brief reprieve. My parents got a new connection, so I am finding the computer even easier to get stuck on... how can e2 be so addictive?

Anyway, I wanted to let someone know I've started drawing again - this used to be my only way of venting feelings and ideas. I guess the few years I stopped for must have been unworthy or something. I got all my drawing stuff out, looked at the pencils, pastels, charcoal etc that I'd left mouldering in a drawer for quite some time, then put it all away again except for a single pencil and a bit of clean white paper. I guess starting at the beginning was what I had in mind. I finished about 1/2 an hour later, then scanned it and sent it to a friend (seeking approval? probably.) He said complimentary stuff about it - but it's hard to know what's good and what's bad. Art is subjective. I feel much better now though - perhaps I ought to draw every day. Perhaps I will.