Well, well, well. "There's a hole at the bottom of the sea..."

I have a twisted mind. Please forgive this, probably, mistaken attempt to derive humor from tragedy.

Drill, baby, drill. Something starts to leak.
Arrive with a top hat... doesn't handle it?
Let's try the riser insertion tube tool.
Not working? Try the top kill. Doh?
Aha, go for the junk shot-- tires, golf balls?
It's not working? Let's try some more drilling...
A relief... well?

And, so it goes.

I imagine men came up with the terminology-- Top hat, Leak, Drill, Baby, Riser insertion tube tool, Top kill, Junk shot, More drilling. What's wrong with them?

I think men should just naturally be able to do this, it's their job, for crying out loud.

Sick minds come up with silly questions-- What is the missing ingredient here? Does BP need a little Viagra, or something?