Ahh what a wonderful evening. It was so wonderful in fact, that i feel inspired to write about it for all of history to know and if an alien race were to see only the E2 database, this would add more features to the human experience.

It all started when my roomate (who just happens to be my best friend for ten years now, and who also happens to be gay) Went to Target and bought a crock pot. A most wonderful invention for many reasons. He cooked the most wonderful roast. Oh my was it scrumptious! And being the college kid that i am, good meals are few and far between. There was going to be much more food than we could eat so we both invited one person each. Our old roomate Stephen (invited by Dave my roomate) and Jen (invited by me, tangentman).

The evening started off very well with dinner and drinks. Once again i found my self in a familiar situation of being the only straight person at a social function. I have 2 straight friends, both being ex-girlfriends of mine. Hi ho. We ate dinner and had drinks and a nice long chat out in our sun room. Dave took Stephen home, which left Jen and I alone to talk about this and that.

I have recently broken up with a girl and Jen knows us both very well, so she can sympathize with me about many things, including relationships gone awry. We ended up in my bedroom (A great place to socialize if you ask me) And we did the whole "I'll show you old pictures of me thing" that people do when they have bonding experiences

We cuddled for a long while and exchanged pecks here and there. It was a wonderful experience. I can still feel the happy chemicals floating through my body. Before she left we excanged a big old smooch that meant more than a platonic kiss. I answered (in a way) the question of How do you know a girl wants to smooch? before, but now i must revise my answer to this:

If it's not obvious, then, you can't be for certain and you don't know and you shouldn't do it. If it is obvious, then by all means kiss the girl! *sigh* I hate being sappy but i can't help it. I think she likes me for crying out loud.

Yet another update: 8/26/00 Well, it seems that i've turned the girl permantly. Who knew? we're not getting hitched or anything, but i think that she's definately found out what the heck she wants out of a relationship. Not brag or anything, well okay just a little, i think i did my part for the human race. i think i need a beer. Yup. Goodnight folks. Happy hunting. *tangentman, rides off into the sunset on his high horse*