I was an 18th century scientist getting ready for a party. I was wearing a tux and had servants helping me dress. Before me were two tables with various artifacts and scientific equipment on them. I picked up a pair of glasses and put them in my pocket. I walked into the party and it was in a huge two story hall made of dark wood. There were candles lighting the room, children running around, people dancing, talking and eating. I walked around a bit to see if i recognized anyone. I realized here that i was dreaming and when i do that i like to explore. I walked through many rooms, all filled with huge dinners, deserts, and drinks. I ran into another scientist. I can't remember his name, but he's the guy that invented the baramoter. We talked for a while about his new invention, and a girl caught my eye. Half recognizing her, i followed her through the kitchen and into another part of the building filled with more people dancing and children running. I saw that she had helped herself to some food and i decided to follow suit and join her. Placed on a table at one end of the room were plates and platters brimming with deliciou food. I took a plate buffet style and loaded up. I had a big juicy steak, some pasta salad, a biscuit, and some cheese cake. After getting enough food, i looked for the girl and sat across from her at a table. She was sitting next to another man, whom I think I was friends with and we began to talk. She looked just like a girl i know in reality, but the girl in my dram didn't know that. We small talked for a while, and she left the table. I followed her into a hallway, where she kissed me. It was a long, pasionate kiss that seemed to last for ever. Then, just like that, she dissappeared and i couldn't find her again. Deciding that there was nothing left for me in this dream, i woke up.