Wall-Street Nightclub

144 N Wall St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 464-2800
Gay/Lesbian Bar in Columbus, Ohio. Very relaxed atmosphere, mostly a lesbian scene but the entire place is "straight" friendly. Large dance floor and there's a great upper balcony to people watch. Good dance music most of the week, theme nights; This place is a lot of fun for people who are open minded (or just Gay, you know). People come here to dance and enjoy themselves without feeling pressured... you don't get a lot of attitude from anyone. The drinks are good, the price isn't bad, and once you're a regular you're in for life. The Drag Show on Sunday night is kind of like SNL, sometimes it's great for years, sometimes it should be cancelled; but it's a great way to blow a Sunday night if you're not ready to end the weekend in bed watching TV. Great place to spend New-Year's Eve; had a 10$ cover per person but you could dance all night, free champagne (although it wasn't the greatest in the world) and a commemorative glass (that we keep now as trophies). Regardless it's some of the best fun we've had in Columbus. Highly Recommended...