Lemmy started out as a musician as early as 1964, and was briefly a roadie for Jimi Hendrix (luckily for Jimi, Lemmy kept the bus on the road no matter how high he was) before joining (as mentioned above) the acid heads of Hawkwind in 1971. The very next year he wrote their biggest hit "Silver Machine". In 1975 he was arrested in Canada for cocaine possession, but what he actually got was speed, and the Canadians had to release him. The rest of Hawkwind, though, did not like speed so he was kicked out of the band.
Lemmy is convinced Whisk(e)y is good for you: It stores up in your liver until no germs can survive there.
Also, he's known for kicking wannabe-stage divers off the stage, and chasing about 150 German rockabillies out some alley. "They don't deserve to be on stage," He says, "I do."