One of the reasons the "e-culture" hates alcohol might have something to do with the fact that partykids (the colloquialism I'm most accustomed to for ravers) tend to get started way before they're even 18. This of course is not the case for everyone -- the first time I ever took any ecstacy I was 23 years old and had been drinking for years already. But the first rave I went to I noticed the dizzying number of 15 and 16-year olds, and this is very common in my experience.

I think the reason the partykids love the E and don't so much love the booze is simple to explain. It is much easier to go to a rave and dance all night to loud music under the influence of a little festively colored pill if you're under age than it is to go to a bar or club, get in, order drinks, and dance all night.

While we're throwing out "in my experience" type things regarding E, I would have to say that domaindudu had a rather common first roll. Subsequent rolls will often leave people a little sad and pooped the next day -- this state is called "cracked out" A fine little pill called 5-htp can help with this as it tends to rebuild serotonin stores in the brain. 5-htp is available at your local health food store or in the naturopathy aisle of your local yuppie-centric supermarket. You may wish to take it with food. My advice is to wait a good long time after the effects of the E have gone away and even wait until you're feeling cracked out. THEN take one or two 5-htp with some food and see how you feel.

Also, I have noticed that it is best not to use E more than once a month. And for chrissakes only take one pill. This lessens the afforementioned resultant OCD, and it also means you can get off from one pill again and again and again. As you meet more people in the "scene" (whatever that is, YMMV), you will likely meet a variety of people who just can't feel it off of any less than 2 pills. For the sake of economy, your sanity, and your overall sense of well-being, I would definitely recommend not taking E very often, and not taking much when you do take it.