I have taken pircetam on numerous occasions, and I'd like to share some of my fun experiences.

There are 2 serious experiences which stick out in my mind. First, I need to say that Piracetam isn't a speed-like drug. It may or may not work on any given indivdual, or at least you wont know if its working or not. It does not necessarly make you hyper, and it does not have any side effects of stimulants. What it is however, is a cognitive enhancing drug. If it does this or not could be debated. But it certainly had some interesting effects.

Experience 1
I had woken up to go to school, but I was up late the previous night, so I was extremely tired. Not just the physical "I need to sleep" but the mental "I dont want to think" kind of tiredness that you often get first thing in the morning. So I popped 800 mg of pircetam and 1200 mg of Lecithin as a neurotransmitter replacement. So, I managed to get onto the bus. Now, have you ever been SO tired you just sit on the bus, close your eyes and start to drift off? Well that was what I was doing. Except... instead of having that mental tiredness that lets you fall asleep, I just couldn't fall asleep, it was like my brain was all ready to go and my body had enough. Which certainly was true ;-) So I rode the bus all the way to UBC like this, in a eyes closed but wide awake state. Quite interesting, and while not as fun as, say, pot, very interesting.

Experience 2
One day, I thought to myself, I know what I'll do the next day as an experiment, I'll set my alarm at some ungodly hour like 10am, and take some piracetam, and lie back and wait for it to kick in (takes ~ 30 minutes or so) and then get up. Well I did that, but instead of waking up, I fell asleep for the next 2 hours. However, I drempt very rapid and vivid dreams for the next 2 hours STRAIGHT. When I woke up I was amazed at the dreams. They faded quickly, and I can't remember anything, but I do recall being very surprised at how it seemed like I drempt continiously for the whole 2 hours.

I'd have to give piracetam a two thumbs up in general. If you find you get headaches and you're not taking a supplement such as Lecithin, then you're going to want to get some ASAP and your headaches should subside rapidly.
I went to a little club in Vancouver known as BaBaLu. I was Mister D.D. and thus I couldn't drink. So I took 400 mg of piracetam. While I did not feel high, nor did I get all excitable, at the end of the night at 2am when everyone else was yawning, I was perfectly awake, alert. After we got home, I stayed up for a further hour reading "Red Storm Rising" until 3:30am. Don't take piracetam at night ;-)