I'm so horny I could masturbate to a jeans commercial. In the timespan a TV commercial usually takes, too.

I'll try to refrain from doing it because I'm comitted not to have sex with women other than my girlfriend, and while she already went down on me while I looked at porn (her kink, but I don't complain), looking at a jeans commercial or something more exciting might not be fair. I wouldn't want to think of her masturbating to WWE wrestlers or something.

It's a funny thing, these crazy meds. All of them are supposed to suppress your libido, of course, but as I progressively switch meds -- I'm bipolar, it's just how it works -- it seems my libido is going through the roof. Apparently Seroquel and Geodon are such a turn-off that going on lithium will make you wanna cream your pants every time you see a low-cut blouse that's just a tenth of an inch lower than you expected.

Damn, I'm horny.