It seems like the only art left is out there to make a buck.

Distensible corporate prose
as seen on the idiot box
and heard on the lips of my little sister

The nicotine poetry sellouts
churning out addicting infecting plastic song

A jingle stuck in my head again
as I smash screen, antenna and commercial breaks

tired of the society
that has lost poetry

No more wild spaces in my mind, no wilderness
It's all developed barb wire wasteland
tamed by conformity

Things like "the fabric of our lives" coming unwound from in my brain
They tell me "a diamond is forever" but I just want it out, gone from my memory
So many slogans making me think in cliche

no more wilderness to explore in my mind or in the society that has lost poetry

sitcoms sickening, sometimes it's pop culture poison
ween ourselves from the enchantment disguised as entertainment
it'll be too late tomorrow

Gumball Poetry is the coolest thing I have heard of in a long time. Thank you Zari.