Daylog, or as I like to call it, the great vote dump.

And everyone upvotes because it feels better than down voting, right? ...right?

There seems to be a lot of SAD going around, or maybe just generic angst either way, the evidence is in every day log.

I'm in a community college library. Walking in, I felt the pull from the shelves of books I've never read, and the pull from the public access computers along one wall. Card catalog or page of cool? Some books or everything? I tried the books, I really did. Frustration grew in the 500's when I tried to down vote Candide... maybe I should have up voted, at least it would have felt better...

I think I am the only one here. Drawing looks from the guy behind the circulation desk. "I don't know what you are typing, but you are going to be done in 25 minutes, asshole." Now I'm paranoid about typing cuss words on this computer. And I wonder if they have one of those magic devices that they can use to look at any monitor they choose. Damn I need to get out more. Or maybe it's just SAD.

If I could, I would log in the everyone account on every one of these computers. And check the 'remember me' box. A little democracy never hurt anyone. Heh, what a lie.

So I just got the 15 minute warning. A little premature, but what does he care. In the library, the lowly librarian is king.

In the land of indifference, the man with no ego is king. That's today in 12 words.