I call today
seven not seen

It’s pumping into my ears it’s throbbing in my head,
telling me I’m halfway between being born and being dead.

It pulls at what it can, it pulls forward.
Can you hear it by looking in my eyes saying “no way but downward”
Can’t all be true

these intricate melodies of blue.

Create their own atmosphere they’re in me now, always near.

The flute can’t be found it’s time to compromise...
reap what I sew this is all no surprise

Won’t the lifelong audition please conclude?
For once let me be booed.
But not pulled off the stage,
I’ll always be wishing

I stayed

Fatigue a swell, lies another tale to tell

It’s my own lock, my own combination
my own fee, my own exploitation

This intoxicating rhythm in my mind
it ends I’m robbed blind

Gone now downward I go,
if there is only one stage this had better not be the last show.