Side project of Daniel Ash, formed in 1981. Originally, Ash was working with Bauhaus roadie (and bassist) Glenn Campling, and with the demise of Bauhaus in 1983, they brought in Kevin Haskins on drums. Released only one full studio album, Night Music, and really only had one hit single, "Go!" (which features a sampled cowbell, of all things, certainly a landmark among Goth). Other singles appeared afterward that never climbed the charts. A 2-disc compilation of their studio album along with singles and miscellany is available as Everything, released in 1998.

The sound of Tones on Tail is as near to midway between Bauhaus and Love and Rockets as one can get, though it tends to be darker and weirder than either of them. It's also dancier. They appear on the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack.

A Bauhaus reunion was in the works, and when Peter Murphy said no, Tones on Tail said goodbye to Glenn Campling, rehi to David J (who had been working with the Jazz Butcher on bass), and Love and Rockets was formed in 1985.

To me, Brainiac's "Go Freaks Go!" sounds a lot like "Go!", though it's obvious it's not a cover.