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I live near Edinburgh, Scotland. I was born a male in 1973.

I currently work with computers, currently as a system administrator specialising in IBM WebSphere, a J2EE application server, IBM MQ middleware products and Apache on various platforms but mostly AIX.

I have experience in web, network, email and security technologies. I have a preference for free software like Debian. I also like retro computer hardware like 80s home computers and old big iron. I can do Perl, shell, and a bit C. I once toyed with Forth and I'd like to again some time.

But I'm not just a computer nerd. No really!

I also like music - across a wide range of genres. For example:

I hate writing those lists because I hate leaving stuff out. Anyway...

I also enjoy reading novels and short stories. I like sci-fi from authors like Arthur C Clarke, Brian Aldiss and Larry Niven. I am currently enjoying reading The Day of the Jackal, a thriller by Frederick Forsyth.

I am interested in the philosophy and phenomenology of consciousness and views of the cosmos which allow for spiritual aspects. I don't see how we can account for consciousness without allowing for the unknowable - by which I mean phenomena which are inexplicable by science. To me, this is the spiritual.

I am a vegetarian. A real one - pescetarians who call themselves veggies annoy me.

I spend some time on Slashdot. I am an occasional grammar nazi, spelling nazi and linux zealot.

I like whisky, wine and real ale. Too much, perhaps.

I like growing unusual plants.