I am at a convention center. I hear that one of my co-workers, Patrick, has committed suicide. I also learn that he is distantly related to me. My grandfather is running the funeral, as he is a minister. I become very sullen and wander off and find a table full of chocolate muffins. Sudenly, the entire world population is in the room. This witch/sorceress/villainess appears with a big wand stick thingy. She hits people with it, and they die. The women that she hits turn into chicken eggs, and the men turn into mist. She has now killed everyone except me and this old black woman and her granddaughter and grandson. The girl has a nametag on that says "Ovaries." I can read her thoughts and she is thinking "What are olaves?" but I knew she meant "olives." The small boy has a nametag that says "Apostle."
Then I wake up.