lucid dream:

the dream begins while i am walking down a city street, the surroundings are vivid and colorful. i am with a friend, and realizing that it's a dream, we discuss the possibilities of total freedom. our first priority was to prolong the dream for as long as we could. seeing a parking lot and wanting to test my abilities (as i have not had a lucid dream for over a month), we decide to raise hell.

the parking lot:
we both go to town destroying or damaging various vehicles. finding a gold colored minivan, i decide to focus some energy on it. i jump nearly fifteen feet into the air and hover over the van. sticking my foot into a kicking position, i accelerate my body in the direction of the vehicle. when i land near the windshield, the frame crumples like a tin can. after examining the damage, i pick the van up over my head and heave it toward another car. both the van and the car are severely damaged. we continue to walk again until we find a concert hall.

the concert hall:
we enter the large building. i observe the smell i associate with old churches when we discover we are behind the stage of an ongoing concert. there are saxaphones, trumpets, string instruments, tubas, and many other instruments playing. we run through the stage area in an effusive and loud manner. the audience is startled. i jump up, bounding weightlessly through the crowd of amazed people. when i reach the back, my friend has a saxaphone in his hand. we discuss escaping by melting through the wall. the large worry is that we would be in different places upon exiting the other side. we decide to do it, he goes first while playing the saxaphone. i follow with my arms first, followed by my torso and the rest of my body. the wall feels liquid, and i am overcome by the sheer joy of total freedom.

the other side:
as we had suspected, we were seperated on the other side. i found myself in a car falsely believing i was awake (this is called a false awakening). i then woke up to reality (i hope).