computer cemetery

my friend and i are exploring a cemetery when we see a large mausoleum that resembles a large computer case. upon making a hole through the wall where a weak piece of black plastic was, we peeked in with a flashlight. inside the mausoleum we could see monitors, reels of cat 5, computers, and other hardware of sorts. we then took it upon ourselves to enter and put some of the unused hardware back to work. we unlatched the door and entered. with a better view, we could see the large expanse inside filled with much more than we expected. mainframes lined the walls, and handheld devices were scattered about. this was like the tomb of a great computer pharaoh. there were old computers, and new computers.

tomb raiders

i began to take some of the cat 5 that was on a reel off to the side. it was nice cable, i checked for the 8 wires inside the cable and was pleased to find it was true cat 5. my friend was examining a handheld computer. when i turned to him, i noticed a monitor in the corner switch on. it was not plugged in. the monitor gave warning messages about removing hardware from the tomb. we were scared. more monitors and hardware turned on and booted up. a face displayed itself on a larger monitor and we decided to leave. the tomb was cursed and we did not want to stick around. we left and discussed the events that had taken place.