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mission drive within everything
i don't really understand this question. i mean, it's not really a question, but i don't understand it.
knitting, perling, administration, etymology, physics, embroidery, portraiture, scrapbooking, book binding, correspondance, web design
annapolis high
believe in life before death.
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Right now, I'm trying to decide between the Corcoran and SCAD for next year. I want to do video game design, which is its own major at SCAD, but there's something to be said for the more classical aproach of the Corcoran.

There are lots of things I like to do that I didn't think fit under "specialties", like watching cartoons. And eating. There are also things I do that I actually hate doing, like running.

I like a lot of music, most notably Liz Phair, Alice in Chains, Simon and Garfunkle, Bad Company, and Eve6.

I'm hardly ever on messenger because I only use the internet during class, but I'm yourstar_14 on yahoo and xOwonderbunnyOx on aim.