Mabon (a.k.a. the Witches' Thanksgiving, Second Harvest, et cetera)

(Autumn Equinox--on or around September 21)

Mabon is a Pagan Sabbat: a holiday celebrated by Wiccans, Witches and many others whose religions fall under the umbrella of Earth spirituality and Paganism. It is the second main harvest.

Mabon lore:

Now the God is preparing to leave His body. He knows He is dying and it is all right because soon enough He will be reunited with His bride once again. The Goddess prepares to grow weak as the Earth will freeze over when Winter arrives. This is the Witches' Thanksgiving.

Mabon sentiments:

The harvest is completed by Mabon. This is a time for reflection over the past year and giving thanks for what has come of it. All year long, literal and figurative plantings have been going on and have finally been harvested; there is a lot of thought about how it went. This holiday is for the preparation of the "season of sleep," and for introspection, and understanding our dark and wise side. We think of sacrifices others have made for us and what we can sacrifice for others. Mysteries and unknowns are pondered.

Mabon practices:

As Mabon is the time of the harvest and a time for meditation and thankfulness, it is a good time to make wine. Lots of people like making wine for Mabon because it uses harvested foods and is symbolic of the fruits of the year. Plus a lot of it is probably going to be packed away and fermented, much like we are packing ourselves away and thinking over what has happened. Some like to call the spirits of their totem animals for help in inner searching. Meditation rituals are very common for Mabon. Some people use this time to visit their friends' and relatives' graves and give them flowers.

The Mabon season:

Some Mabon recipes:

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