I'm going out of town for a couple days--my dad is having some crazy party 'cause his Gamblers Anonymous friends want to congratulate him for not throwing any money away for a whole year. So I get to go and be proud of him. I made him a pillow with herb sachets inside, filled with herbs that are intended to strengthen resolve and provoke renewal. I hope he likes it. If I was someone's fifty-year-old dad I don't know if I'd want a smelly pillow. But he'll deal. It's from his eldest daughter, so he'll like it even if it makes him choke, I bet. Heh.

I don't want to be an obnoxious freak doing calorie counting for my diet while I'm visiting my family, so I've decided not to keep track of my calories and whatnot while I'm with them. I'll just use my best judgment and see if I can try to stay under 1,000 calories without calculating everything I eat like I'm insane. I bought a new scale (well, yes it's new, but I didn't have one before) for six bucks at Wal-Mart, and I don't know if it's accurate because it's saying I'm much lighter than I thought I was. (It's reading at 106 pounds.) I tried weighing a five-pound bag of unbleached flour on it, but it read five pounds, so then I thought maybe it just goes off when you put a lot of weight on it, so I tried weighing myself while holding the flour, and it said 111. I guess it must be at least close. In any case if it's off I hope it's consistently off, because I want to use it to gauge how I'm losing and gaining weight (though hopefully the latter will not be a case that occurs).

Yesterday I went out to eat, so I ate a small breakfast and small lunch so I could eat whatever I wanted at dinner. I ended up having potato skins. They were pretty good. And then later mushrooms and tater chips with ranch dip. Ohhhh. This morning I ate some egg substitute and some Wheat Thins. My dad's coming to pick me up and he will probably take me out to food. Which means I get to choose overpriced high-calorie food fried in grease. Yum.

I spent all morning today looking for this story some guy gave me. He gave me a copy, then his computer hard drive got wiped and he lost all his writing (ahhh!) and he's trying to salvage what he can, so he asked me to type up the story he gave me. And it was lost somewhere in the recesses of my house. I looked for it for two hours. Then I found it while looking for a large envelope to suit my mother's birthday card. Of course. Funny thing is, it was so close to a place I'd looked right before. Ugh. At least I got to clean out under my bed in my harried searching; I found old versions of sucky stories I wrote that remind me how much progress I've made as a writer. :)

That is all. Carry on.