Stop the presses! This is my 400th node!


Things that suck about coming back to work at a shitty bookstore after a nine-day vacation:

  • The section I am in charge of was TRASHED.
  • The books I am in charge of putting out were piled sky-high.
  • I was reminded of how much the place sucks.
  • New things have gone on sale that I was just supposed to know about.
  • Other things have been removed from sale that I still figured would be there.

Yes, I had to put that last one twice because it is a big deal. What's worse is, they wouldn't let me spend my first day back correcting it.

I've decided vacations are a bad thing. I always had the same problem with summer vacation when I was in school. Vacations make you realize how glorious your freedom is, only to take it away from you a short time later. And then you're busy again, and depressed by the fact that there is a LONG time before you're allowed another vacation, and pissed that you didn't get done the things you always said you'd do "when you got the time."

Someone bought a book that disgusts me today. I told her it disgusted me. She bought it anyway. People suck.

Everyone and their mama is buying these license plates, stickers, postcards, shirts, and photographs that promote patriotism. I don't know why we're selling these things since we're a bookstore, but I guess even our company has to grab a piece of the cash that's to be made from the disaster. I wonder if any of them know all the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner"? Probably they know the first verse. But do they know the second? I know it and I'm not exactly patriotic; I was just bored as a child and memorized a book of patriotic songs, making use of my wannabe savant syndrome when I still had it. If people found out that others would think them patriotic if they knew the whole national anthem, I bet everyone would know it within a week. It bugs me that people are so much more focused on *looking* like they support America than they are on actually looking out for the country's interests. Nothing shows them dang terrorists like a t-shirt. Hey, you've got a flag on your car? So do I, you must be sad those people died too! Grr.

I don't have a flag. I don't even harbor bad feeling for Islamic people. I'm probably a terrorist. (So someone accused me last night in a chat room, right before he insisted Arabic spies were collecting our urine to build nuclear weapons. Don't they have their own pee?)


Being back at work sucks, I'm still on my diet but am not counting the calories right now (I've got a good idea of where I am), and the country's gone insane. Nothing new to report.