Today was dumb.

Mostly it was dumb because it was the last day of work before my nine-day vacation, and yet I feel like it's already starting to go by too fast. I don't like being busy. I just want to relax, but hey, my vacation is action-packed, so be it. Doesn't make it any less dumb.

I accidentally dyed my hands red today.

Yes, yes, I know, DUMB. I was trying to dye some gloves for my anime weekend costume, and I didn't have the sense to put on rubber gloves. I figured the food coloring would wash off. It didn't. And now I have very red hands; my fingers are all pink and around my nails it looks like someone tried to yank them out with pliers. I put the gloves out to dry outside, and they looked like two small forlorn dead animals, and I their murderer.

And then I got a bloody nose. My nose was running and I wiped it, and I couldn't tell at first that it was blood because I'D DYED MY FUCKING HANDS RED. It's stopped now, I think.

I'm going to be in Atlanta during Mabon, the autumn equinox. That means that if I want to do a ritual it has to be today. So I am going to. I am very tired so first I will have a nap; I was up baking last night, some of the food for my festival. I am having a feast of baked apples, some cider, some carrots, some corn, some of the banana bread I baked, and then these cheesy things called luminous crescents, which I have yet to make but intend to do soon after finishing my nap. :) As you can see I'm not really doing my diet today, but holidays are just a bit exempt.

Hopefully I will get to work on my anime costume, clean my apartment, do my Mabon ritual, and have a less dumb day. That would be nice.