This is the supposed full name of Dot, the token female in the Warner trio of the popular show Animaniacs.

Dot would announce this name of hers with great fanfare, and then admit that her new friend could call her "Dot." Sometimes she would add that if someone should slip and call her "Dottie," they would die.

Dot's whole personality is all about being girlish and cute. In this noder's humble opinion, it is her brothers who carry the show (especially Yakko, though many others preferred Wakko's hijinks), but many gags could not have been executed without a female character to go ga-ga over men the way the brothers themselves went ga-ga over various "nurses," and she also had the use of several girly talents, such as doing makeup, dressing up, and interior design. Her song "I'm Cute" sums up her personality quite well.

Dot wears a pink skirt and a flower in her, um, hair. Though she frequently claims to be sexy, she generally wears no shirt (nor does she need to), and usually no shoes. When she does wear shoes, she admits they are size 3 triple E. She is the smallest of the Warners, and she and Yakko do most of the talking and have the most solo songs.

She is splendidly voiced by Tress MacNeille. She sounds suspiciously like Babs Bunny, who is also voiced by Tress MacNeille.

If there is an original Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bobesca, or a number II, it is unknown to me.

Side note: I have suggested that perhaps Dot is named Dot because of the period that comes after the "Bros" in Warner Bros. Hence, the Warner Brothers...and Dot.