I have something to say.

I REALLY love E2.

I was just sitting here reading over some daylogs to see what everyone had been doing (yes, and votedumping, but READING too!), and it came to me how so many people here are so similar to me. They even talk like me, write like me, have friends that do stupid things like my friends. Overall they're depressed a little more than I am, but shit happens to them more than to me, apparently, and for the most part they seem to bounce back. I see the way these people write, the way we all have "blah" days and still node about it, the way we, as a group that has an average intelligence apparently much higher than that of the general population, tend to make sense of the world in such radically different ways that nevertheless boil down to a similar understanding. I love you guys. Thanks for existing.

Another fun E2 thing. I've discovered that jdorje and I went to elementary school together. Holy crap. That's pretty unlikely, considering Winter Park Elementary wasn't that big and neither is the population of E2. He wrote a node on my old hometown (Wilmington, NC) and attracted my attention, and through /msgs we figured out we did indeed know and remember each other. Don't remember much except that I think we were in second grade together and I seem to remember we were both prizewinners in some poster contest (I won the grand prize and I think he was first runner up, with some other people) and had our picture in the local paper. Don't know much else about those years, but this is about the extent of my foggy memories. :)

Today I woke up at 3 PM and it was so nice. I am planning to spend some of today downloading the evil AOL 7.0 (shut up, y'all--I work there!) and working on the fourth annual calendar based on my novels. :) (I'm running out of scenes to portray, gah!) I might even read a book or clean something. Ho-hum.