I slept until 3 today, but that was all right. I had allotted my day off to being a day of rest, since tomorrow is going to be hell (as if working 9-5 isn't bad enough, they decided there's a 7 AM meeting, so I have to go in two hours early, attend the damn meeting, begin my shift, and run the stupid Pokémon League).

Strangely enough, I had a dream that I was being pursued by a foreign government, and that the U.S. was cooperating with them to let me be captured. (I think they were going to use me as a weapon or something.) For some reason, though I am not a fan of Pokémon, I had my own Pikachu in the dream, and he was hiding elsewhere relaying images and suggestions to me as if by satellite, telling me where was okay to run from the people chasing me. But he had something in his eye and he was having trouble seeing. So he wasn't very useful. Stupid Pikachu. I got away by skimming down a staircase to purposely leave a scent for them to follow, then flying away to leave the scent going nowhere. (Don't ask me how they were tracking me by scent.) I would make an entry in the dream log about this, but I don't remember enough of the stupid dream to make an interesting node.

Last night I met someone who'd been trying to contact me for six months. Long ago, he saw one of my AOL profiles on a name I only use for storage space (but was dumb enough to make profiles on anyway), and had e-mailed me but I'd never answered, probably never saw it. (I go there once a while to delete the porn that builds up, either I accidentally deleted his mail or it was there so long it expired.) Then yesterday, while I was deleting porn from my superfluous names, I saw one mail with a subject that didn't look like ad or porn, and dared to open it, and it was from a guy saying I should be friends with another one of my screennames if I wasn't already, because we were so similar. Heh. I wrote him, told him to mail my main screenname if he actually wanted to get in touch with me, and he checked out my homepage and found he'd been quite right to choose me to talk to. We talked online for a while and then decided to meet, late last night, and spent several hours talking. I've met many people from online but I was his first. I was pleased because he seemed to really listen to me and be interested in what I was saying, and to have a VERY high regard for me in general. It was nice to talk to someone who thought I was interesting, nice, and smart without also judging me because of the things that make me weird. I think part of the reason he was so tolerant and interested in me was his background in psychology. So I'm looking forward to starting a new friendship. :)

Last night I found a "CLEARANCE!" balloon in Wal-Mart. It was only partly full of helium and kind of reluctantly floated around, and began following me and my friends, so I took it with me around the store. I took it in the bathroom there, and left it out, and when I came out it had drifted into its own stall. Weird! When I took it home, it drifted into MY bathroom. It's still in there. Very strange thing.

Two things keep building up: E-mail and dishes. When I clean out my sink or e-mail box, I vow to not let them fill up again. And then I do. Usually at the same time. I have an "excuse," yesterday I was entertaining a guest and we did some baking, so of course e-mail built up while I was offline and dishes built up as we baked and ate, but dammit, now I'm pissed. Maybe I'll go play catch-up now. (Incidentally, we made glazed apple bites.)