I once had a friend try to give me a "scientific" perspective as to how Jesus could be both human and perfect, since being human is supposed to make one incapable of being perfect. After all, the phrase "I'm only human" basically MEANS "I'm not perfect," it's in a way a synonym for imperfection.

My friend explained that "sin" is inherited from the father. Therefore, only he with an earthly father inherits the sins of man. I wonder if, according to this, geneticists could isolate "sin" on the father's chromosomes and extinguish it? Wow. Sin is an inherited genetic disease.

So apparently, the "Jesus" part of God, the "Son" of the trio, was not supposed to be actually perfect, or else he wouldn't really be human. However, the fact that he is said to be "sinless" causes him to be godly. Interesting paradox, eh?