I'm going to make a new mix CD. The theme? Ass-kicking.

Yup, that's right. I'm going to make an entire CD dedicated to either kicking someone's ass or having your ass kicked. That is, if I can find enough songs. The playlist so far:

I have a few others that I am going to listen to after I download them and see if they are "ass-kicking" songs, but beyond that, I need ideas. Anyone got a song about kicking ass? I'd appreciate suggestions.

In other news, I saw a recipe for apple pie in a cookbook and now I am being persecuted by apple pie. I think the gods are conspiring to force me to make an apple pie. From scratch. No complaints here.

My EVIL manager has transferred to another store. Which makes my day much better.

I have left some old files I need on a computer that is no longer hooked up.

I am up to page 150 in the new book I'm writing.

I'm tired.

And pissed.