How to make a Halloween centerpiece

(Craft project for Samhain)



All sorts of seasonal decorations are available in regular shops this time of year! Any can be incorporated into a festive display, but here is a good suggestion: Use the black bowl, filled with candy corn, to place the hollowed-out pumpkin (real or fake) into. Place black and orange candles (any number and combination) on either side. Place gourds and other seasonal plants around and in front of the bowl. Caution: If left too long, gourds and pumpkins do begin to decompose, leaving stains. Protect your furniture. This is a great display to use atop a seasonally-decorated permanent altar, covered with a black and orange or seasonally-themed cloth.

Ritual use:

Ancestors can be remembered and their pictures and keepsakes can be put inside the pumpkin (representative of the Summerland and the mysteries, and the womb of the Goddess where they are now being recycled), provided either it is fake or the artifacts are protected. Black candles, rubbed with oils and/or herbs and maybe carved with runes, can be lit for each who's crossed over, with an accompanied prayer or thought. Some people leave food for their deceased relatives as a token of respect.

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