I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night in which I was Silent Bob.

This is disturbing because I am female, and in no way resemble Silent Bob in features, actions, or interests. But in my dream I did an awful lot of hanging out with Jay and I'm afraid I did not speak at all. However, I was still myself in every way, strangely.

It seemed more like I was playing Silent Bob's part in a movie; I knew what was going to happen, like I had read a script, but it was still real life and not apparently not being filmed, and didn't feel pretend. I was trying to stop Jay from selling pot to the wrong person and getting us both thrown in jail. I tried lots of ways to stop him, like hiding his stash, and smoking it out of sight so that I could use it up and he couldn't smoke it right out in the open, and trying to convey to him without talking the dangers of smoking it when I thought cops might be watching.

Ultimately, my plan did not work, and we were arrested.

This is especially strange because I have never smoked pot, and I am not Kevin Smith.