Finished reading Stargirl today. That's a book by Jerry Spinelli; my friend told me I needed to read it because the character Stargirl reminded her of me. Now I know why. Hmm, she thinks I'm craaaazy. But it is not I who am crazy. It is I who am mad!

Glarb. So, today, I went to The Mall™. Ahh, the smell of consumerism. There, you can get "something for everyone on your list." And until this year, I didn't really have a list. But since I got a new part time job (in addition to my full time retail job), I can now afford to stop using the excuse "I'm broke!" to get away without giving holiday gifts to everyone I know.

So I bought a little of everything for everyone. Still some people on "my list" who need presents, but I managed to sneak in a few personal purchases as well. How cool is that? I got me a new necklace, a new nightlight, and a new hands-free phone thingamajig.

That book has me wanting to write letters to people I don't know. Want to be the first?