Here is a bread that is baked a symbol to honor the great goddess of this time of year, known by the names Brighid, Brigit, Brigid, and Brede, among others. The three different "braid cords" in this loaf represent the triple goddess inherent in the person of Brigit: The healer, the smith, and the poet.



Combine 2¼ cups flour, salt, sugar, yeast, and mix. Add ¼ cup butter, eggs, warm water, and mix. Add 1 cup flour. Knead. Divide into 3 bowls. Add 2 tablespoons molasses and the whole wheat flour to first bowl. Add yellow cornmeal to second bowl. Add 1¼ cup white flour to third bowl. Knead each on appropriately floured board for 10 minutes. Dough should bounce back when poked. Grease bowls, cover, and let rise in a warm spot for about 1 hour. Punch down. Then divide portions in half and make 2 braided loaves. Cover with damp cloth over wax paper, let rise for 1 hour in loaf pans. Then bake for 25-30 minutes at 350ºF. Baste with butter and then cook 10 more minutes. Let cool for at least half an hour before cutting.

Yield: 2 loaves
Source: Paraphrased from Amber & Azrael Arynn K, Candlemas
Use for: Imbolc

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