I found out it is very easy to eat well at a Japanese restaurant. I mean healthfully, not in copious amounts, to clarify. Since I'm on a pretty strict diet right now (I would like to lose 2 or 3 more pounds this week and see if I can get under 110 pounds), I thought going to a restaurant would totally blow it. But wrong I was. I had vegetables with soy sauce, some rice, green tea, soup, and a salad with ginger dressing. My ex-boyfriend, a cook (and also the benefactor of my meal), helped me figure out what the calories might be in some of the stuff on there, and this is how it broke down:

The appetizers:
Salad dressing on salad: ~60 calories
~1 cup of salad: ~10 calories
~1 cup onion soup: ~20 calories

The veggies:
~¾ cup broccoli: ~30 calories
~1 cup mushrooms: ~20 calories
~¼ cup carrots: ~45 calories
~4 tablespoons soy sauce: ~40 calories

And the rice:
~1 cup cooked white rice: ~225 calories

My dinner was around 426 calories. Which was nice 'cause I'd left a lot more than that for my dinner and was able to nibble a little bit on cake that night. :)

As for today's menu:

½ grapefruit (my ex-boyfriend ate the other half): 20 calories
1 cup Tastee-O's (not Cheerios!): 110 calories
½ cup skim milk: 45 calories

I was GONNA have ½ cup cottage cheese but mine went bad. :(
2 strips Morningstar Farms fake bacon: 60 calories
2 slices of pickle: 20 calories
1 English muffin: 120 calories
¼ cup Ragu spaghetti sauce to dip it in: 45 calories

1½ cup salad: 15 calories
2 tablespoons lite Miracle Whip: 70 calories
1 tablespoon Heinz Ketchup: 40 calories
10 baby carrots: 17.5 calories

½ cup egg substitute: 60 calories
2/3 cup corn: 80 calories
1 apple: 80 calories
8 fluid ounces of fruit punch: 120 calories

That gives me a today total of 908.5 calories, leaving 91.3 to play with. I believe I'll be snacking on cake or Wheat Thins. Damn I love those things!