My third daylog in a row makes me a HABITUAL DAYLOGGER! HWARF!!!

I found I don't much like doing two jobs at once.

We're under new management at my bookstore, which is a good thing because before we weren't under ANY kind of management. (Our general manager had been promoted so he was gone, and our new one was missing in action for at least a week. The old GM was supposed to be there for about three weeks but first went on vacation and then was taking care of details moving to wherever he was promoted to.) short, everything is disorganized, AND it sucks!

So, I'm recalling how lame I am. I'm on a 1,000-calorie-a-day diet for now and unfortunately I just realized it's going to be really hard to go to my friend Ammy's birthday party and not overdo it. What the hell can you order in a restaurant that stays in such restrictions without being a stupid anal bitch and quizzing the server on what kind of cheese they put in that and whether they'll use low fat (insert substance here)? I've come to this conclusion: Fuck it. My body is not going to notice another 100 accidental calories, especially not after a lifetime of eating anything I want and a week or so on this diet. (This is actually day six of my anal monitoring, my third daylog about it, and my maybe third week of actually attempting to eat more healthfully and in such a way that I will lose weight.) So, I will order what I want, attempt to be cautious, and have nothing else the rest of the night if I feel like I probably overdid it. AND NO BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Today's menu:

1 banana: 105 calories
1 cup of milk: 90 calories
10 baby carrots: 17.5 calories
1 English muffin: 120 calories
1 slice of lite cheese: 25 calories
8 fluid ounces of Sunny Delight: 120 calories
A li'l peppermint candy for lovely and fresh breath: 20 calories

Morningstar Farms Chik Patty, fake chicken at its best: 150 calories (holy moly!)

I'm eating at a restaurant, as mentioned. I assume I will probably order a broccoli-mushroom-cheese pita and ask them to go light on the cheese, so here's my estimate:

1 pita pocket: 140 calories
½ cup mushrooms: 10 calories
1 cup broccoli: 40 calories
1 tablespoon Swiss cheese: 100 calories

Throw in another maybe 50 or 60 calories for nameless goo, fat, and oil that they might throw in it, or whatever. And you get:

997.5 calories. About. Maybe. Approximately. WHATEVER.