My new neighbor found out I'm a witch and he didn't believe me.

I told him because he asked me how I get to work, and I kiddingly grabbed this broomstick I have and straddled it. Then I told him I ride the bus. His reply? "Well of course, you're too pretty to be a witch."

My response was a startled, "Excuse me?" I told him I hoped he was kidding. It turned out he didn't really even know "real" witches existed. THAT is weird. Especially considering he's been in my house and seen my altar, and that I openly wear my pentacle necklace most of the time.

He agreed there could be "pretty witches" when I showed him a picture of an attractive, albeit naked, woman holding a sword in her circle. Then he wanted to know what I do different from "normal people" that makes me a witch. I was a bit vague, but I told him I celebrate the seasons and do rituals at the full moon and use magick. He asked if spells really work. I told him that depended on lots of things, but he seemed kind of impressed.

All in all it was rather weird, and now I wonder whether he thinks I'm a big freak (since I'm obviously the first exposure to modern-day pagans he's had) or if he thinks it's interesting and will ask me other questions next time he randomly drops by.

Maybe I'll let him ride my broomstick sometime.