Pal's is a local chain of fast food restaurants in and around Kingsport, Tennessee, established in 1956 by a local businessman named Pal Barger. Their mottos are "Sudden Service!" and "Great Food in a Flash!" They serve hot dogs, Big Pal hamburgers, frenchie fries, sauceburgers, milkshakes (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and peanut butter), and the Pal's Big Tea. The food is pretty decent compared to other fast food, and Pal's restaurants always have the highest health department ratings of any place in town. All the Pal's Drive-Thrus are small buildings with giant burgers, fries, and drinks on the front of the building. They has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The Pal's in Lynn Garden has a giant statue of a fast food worker holding a tray of food standing on the roof with a very demonic look on his face.

I worked at the original Pal's on Revere Street in Kingsport for eleven months as a cashier and drink-maker while I was a senior in high school. It wasn't bad, and I used to eat free chiliburgers every night. Yum.

It should be mentioned that for the last few years Pal's have been doing some very aggressive marketing and expansion, opening new stores all over the east Tennessee area. I predict that in ten years Pal's will be working on becoming a national franchise.