I never realized how many pairs of shoes I had until today. Somehow, I have to pack a lot to take with me to CTY . I didn't think it was a lot -- it's not nearly all of them -- but then I started to write it out simply because the sheer volume was beginning to perplex me:

  • Two pairs sneakers: my Converse All-Stars for normal wear and Sauconys for sports
  • Rhinestone flip-flops from Target: I can't leave them behind, they sparkle!
  • Cheapo flip-flops: One year I tried showering without them and got Athlete's Foot, so I'm not risking it again.
  • Black dressy clogs: Well, they just look cool. They're actually too big for me.
  • Black dressy shoes: True, they threw my back out at the Christmas dance, but that was my fault anyway and I drew on them with glitter.
  • Brown dressy shoes: For those few things that don't go well with black.
  • Brown Oxfords: Not just any brown oxfords, I have customized these with hunting-orange shoelaces and written "left" and "right" on them. I probably won't wear them but need to bring them simply because that's how people recognize me during the winter.
  • Black boots: Like I would go anywhere without them.
  • Two pairs fuzzy slippers: I need to take one just to have them with me, and I'm not going to leave the other pair behind.
  • Birkenstocks: These are the only shoes I actually ever wear.
Obviously, my mission is clear: find all new clothes that go with Birks.