I intend this to be a metanode for other Hebrew nodes. I realize most people here wouldn't be able to display Hebrew letters on their computer screen, let alone read Hebrew, and might therefore downvote this node to no end. So be it. I think Hebrew nodes will enrich the Everything2 experience.

The only bad thing is that it is quite hard to write in Hebrew on Everything, since each letter has to be converted to its Unicode representation. Maybe some computer genius can come with a way to solve this. Maybe not.

א - Aleph

ב - Bet

ג - Gimel

ד - Dalet

ה - Heh

ו - Vav

ז - Zayin

ח - Chet

ט - Tet

י - Yod

כ - Kaf

ל - Lamed

מ - Mem

נ - Non

ס - Samech

ע - Ayin

פ - Peh

צ - Tsadi

ק - Kof

ר - Resh

ש - Shin

ת - Tav

Hebrew alphabet
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda
Source code to "Everything in the rest of the world"
Using Unicode on E2