I'm in my apartment in California. At least it looks like that, but my bed is below the window, like it was until a few months ago before I rearranged my room. The door is open. I'm lying in bed, my head to the nothern side of the room, and I can see the living room. It is lit and there are people in it. The people in the living room are David Cohen and Michael. I hear Shay (from Topco) talking to people (he's probably in the conference room). David jokingly tells Michael that maybe it's time for a dinner break. It seems the time is late evening (8 or 9 PM). I'm trying to sleep. My right arm is almost completely paralized. I seem to be unable to move it from a very uncomfortable position it's in, even though I'm trying with my left arm (I'm left-handed in reality). There is some kind of painting or drawing above the bed, and no window (unlike reality).

The room is closed now, and dark. I'm in bed with someone named Tal (a girl or woman). I'm holding her from behind. She wants sex. I'm not so interested, but she demands it and pushes her ass against my loins. I see something that looks like it's a program on TV. It's about a creature called Poo. It looks like a student-made film, a low budget film. Something happens in it, but I forgot what exactly. It is a film about love. In it, there are a lot of shots that have the floor of a shabby Tel-Aviv apartment in them. Brown shadows of words appear on the floor in the film. They are almost illegible, but I can identify the word 'LOVE' in both English and Hebrew. After that, this creature Poo appears in what looks like a behind-the-scenes program about the making of an American movie. I can't remember what happens there, but I remember that in the movie, Poo is the alter ego of some grown woman who is also in the movie. Poo is a creature or rather, a person dressed up as this creature with a green face, a very big nose, a hat and a suit. I can't remember what happens with Poo in the movie, but I remember the image of Poo standing above an opening in the ceiling (of some room or building).

Poo enters my room (with a certain kind of ritual that looks like it has happened many times before). Poo is Tal (in reality I can't remember a real woman or girl named Tal). The room is dark. Poo is undressing (the hat, the mask, the suit). Poo has the body of a woman (I'm almost sure of that, but not completely). Poo enters my bed. She draws me to her by force, and I don't want to. She won't let me see her face. She covers her face, but I can see her eyes. Eyes that have fear in them, eyes that call out for help. But I cannot identify these eyes. Actually I don't know (in the dream, that is) who Poo is. Poo is a stranger, that's at least what I feel in the dream. I'm very scared. I'm crying. I feel completly helpless. I'm a child. I want to scream "I'm scared, I'm scared" (in Hebrew) but no sound comes out of my mouth.

I wake up.

I realize that I have dreamed about this creature called Poo before (a few days ago). The feeling of fear changes into a feeling of anger (how interesting!) and curiosity to find out what this dream means. I'm very anxious about what I might find out. I decide to write down what I can remember from the dream, so I can read it later.

translated from my dream log that I wrote in Hebrew.