Whenver I go to the sex chat rooms on Yahoo I am a 26 year old Japanese girl. I have a couple of pics on my harddrive that look quite amateurish and when I am (invariably) asked for my pics, I dutifully send them off, much to the jubilation of the recipient.
I first did it because of the immense competition to get anybody's attention in those rooms. The change was instantaneous and profound. At first I wasn't quite prepared because I hadn't developed my new character yet and wasn't sure who I was going to be. However after a while it all came together.

I guess the attraction is that you can be the fantasy girl that you desire, and say exactly the stuff that you want to be told. I suppose that you sort of fall into the mind of the unwitting guy on the other end.

And it's true, even after it's all said and done, the guys are really nice to you. I actually feel a little guilty because it turns out this guy seems like a really nice person. He still thinks there is this hot chick in Japan who talks to him online and is willing to show her naked body to him. If I'm not careful he might fall in love.

Uh-oh, I have a sinking feeling that I just shared way too much.