Chapter 5 of The Tale of Genji

3rd to 10th month of Genji's 18th year.

Genji is sick and decides to seek treatment from a holy man in the Northern hills. He dons a disguise and goes to seek treatment from the reclusive sage. While there he is entertained by his attendants with stories of a retired Governor who became a lay priest and moved to the area with his young daughter. The protagonist of these stories had desires to bring his daughter up to a higher station in life than he was able to achieve.

While Genji is recovering, he takes a stroll one evening and comes across a nearby house where he catches a glimpse of a beautiful girl of about ten years old. She reminds him of Fujitsubo, the current favorite of the Emperor. The priest from the villa invites Genji to visit and in the course of the evening it is revealed that the girl, Murasaki is Fujitsubo's neice. As Genji is already smitten with Fujitsubo, this unexpected turn of events delights him to no end, and he suggests that he might adopt the girl.
His request is refused on suspicion that he is after a new mistress and that he has somehow gravely mistaken the girl's age.
His sickness cured, he is about to depart when he again requests to adopt the girl and is again rejected.

Back at court, Genji is visited by his father-in-law and, feeling twinges of guilt, returns with him to Sanjo to visit his wife. Aoi however, is once again cold and aloof. Genji sleeps and dreams of the little girl. The next day Genji again tries to persuade the priest to allow him to adopt Murasaki and is once again rejected.

Soon, Fujitsubo falls ill and is unable to attend court. Genji arranges a clandestine visit to Fujitsubo's rooms, enlisting the help of her maid. He spends the night and she falls pregnant.
The Emperor, ecstatic at the news, and unaware of Genji's role in the matter, often summons Genji and Fujitsubo to his presence, much to their discomfort.

Meanwhile, Murasaki's grandmother dies and Genji realizes this is his chance to finally adopt her. Upon hearing that her father also plans to take charge of her, he immediately races to the mountain, lies to her nurse and kidnaps her.

Back at Genji's mansion he commences her "education".