Chapter 1 of The Tale of Genji

The Paulownia Court
From Genji's birth to his 12th year.

Kiritsubo, the Emperor's favourite lady in waiting, bears a beautiful son, Genji. This child is so magnificent that it is rumored that he may become a rival for the title of Crown Prince, a title that is already understood to belong to the Emperor's eldest son.

Unfortunately, Kiritsubo does not have a strong family backing at court and is unable to defend herself from the insults of jealous competitors, and as a result, suffers greatly.
As the child grows more beautiful and more favored by the Emperor, his mother grows weaker and eventually dies. The boy is sent to live with his grandmother, however the Emperor is so despondent that he sends for the boy in order to have a remnant of his lost love by his side.
At the age of six, Genji's grandmother also dies.

Korean ambassadors visiting the palace predict a life of distinction for Genji.

When the time comes, owing to his mother's weak postion, Genji is not made Crown Prince, but instead initiated into the court and assigned membership in the non-royal Gen clan (hence the name, Genji).

The Emperor takes a new mistress, Fujitsubo, who strongly resembles Genji's mother but with a more noble lineage.

Genji marries Princess Aoi, the daughter of the Minister of the Left.