My girlfriend broke my nose today

Sitting around at home on a Friday. We both have a day off. This is unusual. It wasn't so long ago that I would find out her days off and arrange to have mine on different days. But things have changed. I have fallen back in love with her recently. I had to put both of us through a lot of shit for me to realize it, but I'm glad that it has happened.

Anyway, we were sitting around the house on this cold rainy day. Bored but in a pleasant way. One thing leads to another and before you know it, we are emulating our favourite wwf stars. Imagine the mind of a person who watches professional wrestling. She's HHH and I'm Kurt Angle. No, really, this isn't a euphamism for sex. I'm showing her how to do a body slam, right there on the futon. This is the real deal, in-Japan futons here. None of those make believe ones you get in the west with the slats under them. Sooner or later she wants to win one, or at least go for a pin. "you could at least pretend to lose", she whines. Okay I say and job to her. Here's the plan. She'll fling me off the wall, bend over to toss me over her back. Then I'll get up and suplex her, from the sitting position, I mean, she is a girl and all. I forget the rest of the plan, but no doubt it involved me letting her think she was gonna win, and then crossing and beating her anyway.
All goes well until halfway through the suplex. I get her up, but then drop her, back first onto my face, driving my nose back into my head. She of course is unaware that there is a snafu and somehow doesn't see the copious amounts of blood until after she makes her first real pin.