"I'm the kind of girl who enjoys the pursuit. If it's too easy I don't want it."
She says.
Thing is, I'm crazy about this chaser. I'm also straight from the Ralph Tresvant school. Touchy feely. White linen suits and flowers. Letting her know how I feel and all that jazz.

Kyoko says I can't call or e-mail this chaser until she calls me. This works perfectly the first week. Thing is, what about after making love for the first time? Isn't it a must to call the very next day and tell her how much you enjoyed the night before with her? Apparently not. That would make her happy initially but then she would turn cold pretty soon after that. (Or so my spy tells me)

So Here I am feeling like an asshole not calling for three days waiting for her to call me first. It must be nice to be one of those cool, don't give a damn about anything kind of guys. I wish that I didn't care about her. that I was so cool that I could say stuff like, " Like a hotel room, I'm checking into you." Or after we have had sex to say something like, "You ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell outta here."
But all I really want say is sweet things. Like how much I dig her and the like.

Why am I pretending to be a cool, standoffish guy? If this is what she likes and all I want to do is throw myself at her, do I have any business here?
Why do the assholes get all the fun?