Last night was an odd hodgepodge of dreams.
First Dream I was sitting at my dining room table with my mother and father, eating dinner. My father was screaming at me and cursing me out. I yelled back, screaming how much I hated my family and stormed away from the table, barely having made a dent on my platter of food. That's when my mother started yelling at my father, "Don't you see you are making her anorexic? You chase her away from all the meals and she doesn't eat anything!!!" Focus shifts to me, and defensively I say, "But I'm not hungry." That's when I look at my plate and the horrible realization overcomes me. I haven't eaten a thing. worriedly, I try to forcefeed myself, but I have absolutely lost my appetite and can't eat a thing!! I look at myself wondering how I can be anorexic. I don't look anorexic. I've still got my chubby chipmunk cheeks and pot belly. Dream fades....Second Dream I was working in a hospital. I wasn't a doctor but I still belonged in the sterile mint green building. I was talking with a group of doctors when I realized that Noah Wyle, (who plays Dr. Carter on ER) was pacing back and forth in a corridor that led into the main room of the hospital. He looked awesome but confused. He was wearing a long, dark, wool coat. He had been walking back and forth for some time before WE(I don't know exactly who we were) realized that he was suffering from meningitis. We wondered how this could be, as he had just recovered from another bout of the same illness. Plot shifts. I am sitting in a dark corner behind a stool eating plums. Now it is my mother, not Noah, suffering from meningitis(g-d forbid). Watching her dementia is painful for me, but I still keep eating, and I moan while I eat. My mother hears my moaning and mocks me. My father is there and she curses him out.Dream fades.... Dream ThreeThe phone is ringing. I shake myself out of the dream and go pick up the phone....only to realize it was all a dream.