Flushed and hot, the pit of my stomach creeping up into my chest. Looking around for a familiar face, I see you in the distance, but you're too far to see me. I reach for you with my eyes as the invisible hand reaches for my throat. It takes 'hold and I gasp, trying to breathe, eyes darting around, but there's no where to escape. Because of the lack of oxygen, the room starts to spin and the walls start to shrink and fall in on my head. Mind racing, searching for everything,anything, I did wrong, the hand closing tighter, making everything blurry, until I see nothing but blackness. Black like my soul feels, falling into distress. Panic overwhelming me, suddenly realizing that this is it. But then, instead of just one hand, there's two, around my waist, pulling me back to reality. "You're okay." I hear you say. I'm shaking and hot, but I can breathe normally again, thankful for human touch. Wonder who, if anyone, will be there next time.