I woke up naked and cold at the foot of a bed. I knew everything was different. The life that I had lived before I went to sleep was gone and this was all that was left.

I watched myself get up and start to do random chores, such as washing dishes and folding yesterday's laundry. For some reason I had a backpack full of clothes that was mine and I moved it near my parents luggage. I put on a long tee shirt and underwear. I heard my grandmother in the kitchen telling my dad that I would be serving at her party today and I could choose to wear clothes or not.

My mind was reeling, wondering what was going on. I knew my things didn't belong near my parent's things, so I moved them over to a corner by themselves. On my way, I passed my cousin and I heard his friends ask who I was. His responce was that I was just a slave. Shock poured through my body.

I must have done something dreadfully wrong and I knew at once I had been exiled from my family. The only thing I could think of that would cause this was allowing a boy in the house a year ago who raped me. They blamed me for that. And now I was going to be prisoner to them forever.