The Music Of Quality And Distinction album was produced by Martin Ware and Ian Craig Marsh but was not actually a Heaven 17 album. It was released under the name British Electric Foundation and featured about 10 different singers doing cover versions of popular classics.
Among the singers was Tina Turner and the track on the album was partly responsible for resurrecting her career in the 80s. Ware and Marsh produced her comeback album a couple of years later. Other singers on the album included Billy McKenzie and Paula Yates.

They didn't have too many top ten hit singles: the biggest were Come Live With Me and Temptation, which had soul vocals from Carol Kenyon.
These both came from their second album The Luxury Gap which was a slightly more commercial version of their first Penthouse And Pavement.
After these two, it was very much a case of diminishing returns.

Their name came from a fictional band mentioned in the film Clockwork Orange.