I've made some rather strange observations while in the mosh pit of the last 3 or 4 concerts I visited. Needless to say the mosh pits at Megadeth and Rotting Christ made me fear for my life due to the size of the leather, jean and spike clad styles of my seemingly psychotic counterparts. I realized though that any bodily damage I experienced was not done purposefully, naturally there's the exception skinhead who jumps around punching very rudely but he is naturally told off by someone bigger and badder than he at some point. They're actually quite considerate people, I found four very large muscular guys helping me up in my attempt at a crowd surf despite me kicking one of them in the head accidently, and upon my descent I was immediatly pulled up to avoid trampling. I've also noticed this kind behaviour at quite a few punk concerts.

On the other hand, the groups of posers found at more mainstream metal concerts such as Metallica were far more anarchistic, groups of shorter, younger testosterone-infested kids behaving extremely violently and without any consideration to others whatsoever. I found it surprising that the underground metalheads were more gentle people moshing in unity with some sort of unwritten code as mentioned in mat catastrophe's writeup rather than those at the more laid back commercial music route that Metallica has taken.