According to The Secrets Of Natural Health by Shyam Singha:
Don’t take his word for it though, these ideas seem pretty radical; conventionally what’s needed is liquid to alleviate cerebral dehydration. If you can’t bear to drink something non-alcoholic, compromise with pints of shandy (2% acohol by volume).

However you might mind, some theories are taken more seriously than others; it is less than unfailingly understood that substances called congener, which largely cause hangovers, are notably present in red wine and whisky. The body metabolises them into formaldehyde and formic acid, which are thought to bring on the typical hangover symptoms of headache and nausea. A small quantity of ethanol can block this metabolic process. Some experts claim that a glass of wine, and some not so expert claim that a Bloody Mary, may both steer off a hangover.

More so, as we enter this - yes I’m going with the sickening cliché – Brave New World, ugh, scientists are making wonderful new discoveries regarding what’s actually in a drop of wine and to our friendly neighborhood drinking buddies, what is being found is some very interesting information.

Grape and grain don’t mix”, was I think how it used to go; apparently you couldn’t drink wine and then whisky. You could drink sherry, wine and brandy (grape-based drinks), or beer, vodka and whisky (grain-based); but you sure as hell couldn't mix them. Well that makes a barrel-load of sense, especially since the old housewife telling the tale is your sweet old grandma walking the fine line of senility, but back in the day people used to think some pretty aloof stuff. Take that whole fried-witch business for instance.

Then again though, there might be something to that whole theory, who knows? What neurologists are finding is that different ingredients in different drinks actually affect different parts of the brain. Alcohol doesn’t target a single receptor to cause the Alien-infested sensation in the pit of your stomach post-party hours, but several (left-over) brain receptors. Furthermore, chances are each individual will react differently to vast quantities of alcohol. I’m sure every one of you know people who get drunk on a certain drink far more easily than another, I myself can get blind drunk on scotch and be as bright as a pink clouds with butterflies the following day, but 4 beers will make me feel like an ostrich. Some people really do have a high tolerance for vodka or gin, say, but not brandy. But until doctors can sit us down and tell us, very matter of fact-like what we can and cannot drink to avoid hangovers I’m gonna have the time of my life using the proverbial trial and error system.