A person's train of thought is ontologically a banal and mysterious intangible concept. Why is it I always tune in to the best radiowaves of ideas that float around the kosmos after having abused substances and standing over the toilet bowl peeing to my heart's content in a state of satisfying relief and relaxation?

I have actually noticed patterns in my train of thought, similar subjects will recur and lead me to similar ideas, reminding me of notions forgotten and as I compare my writing to my train of thought in real life I realize I have given a part of my persona to E2, part of my fundamental being. For instance, that joke which I told my friend yesterday, I will look for the appropriate writeup to apply it to. That joke was my property, an extension of my persona, of my being and I scratched it into this stream of consciousness called E2 along with extensions of hundreds of thousands of other users. E2 is alive and has one merged train of thought of its own, I await the day it will lash out and destroy everything due to that cliché but instinctive notion of self-preservation.